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Doug Simmons and Glen Mitchell

Doug Simmons and Glen Mitchell grew up together in Cumberland, RI, joining forces in the 3rd Grade because of our mutual admiration of the Beatles! Yeah - Ed Sullivan changed EVERYTHING! We were pretty much brothers from the start, living a street away from each other and spending most, if not all of their free time listening to music, playing hockey, football, baseball and so on. The mid-late 60’s was a great time to grow up in middle class America.  At the ages of 10, Glen got his from drum kit as a gift from his grandmother, Mrs. Edith Bradbury, and Doug saved his pennies cutting lawns to buy his first electric guitar and amplifier from a local department store. We each took lessons for a year or two, learned the basics, and by the age of 13 had put together our first band with another local chum, John Guarino, playing their local school dances, playing covers of Stones, Beatles, Aerosmith, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Cream – all our heroes and then some.

We gigged in bars and nightclubs through their teens and early twenties, but marriage, children and the responsibilities of the world brought the dream to a slumber. But, we've stayed the best of friends and discussed music, collaborated on some things and kept the flame alive. Today, at 50, we’ve harnessed the power of digital recording, the internet, social networking and continued practice of their craft to begin writing and producing our own material, distributing CDs and individual songs on CD Baby, iTunes and getting decent airtime on internet radio stations such as Jango.  Very sadly, John passed away just a few years ago, so we keep the candle burning in his memory. Doug plays guitars, keys and provides vocals, while Glen is the steady and creative rhythm section on all percussion, as well as blues harp.

We do this for their eternal love of music and nothing else. We both work day jobs and live on opposite coasts now, so our “nightclubs” are the internet. It is what it is... We could put together a rock-solid band to gig if we needed to/were inspired to, but right now, it is just about communicating with the world through our music, and the internet provides a wonderful platform to do just that.

Our music can be heard on Jango.com Internet radio, mySpace Music, and many other mp3 outlets. Our music can be purchased on CD Baby in CD form or individual mp3’s, as well as Rhapsody, iTunes, Amazon Music and many others.

Thanks for listening and don't hesitate to write!! We love you!

Doug and Glen